Mariska Hutchence

Mariska Hutchence

New to the writing scene, Mariska takes her lead from such authors as Alexa Riley, and Penny Wylder.  Her first AVP Publishing Romance, Bolo, is set for publication Oct 17th, 2016.



Bolo - Mariska Hutchence
Bolo – By Mariska Hutchence

Avery Boles was stuck with his former military nickname, but the last thing he wanted to be stuck with was the life he was currently living as a civilian. Working part-time as a bouncer at Club Raza while doing less legal work on the side more suited to his talents, Bolo is just biding his time until he can retire…but he didn’t count on The Goddess.
Suzanne Claremont is in the same position, existing paycheck-to-paycheck as a Real Estate Agent, constantly frustrated by her former-model roommate’s earnings as a Sugar Baby. She dreams that her life can be more than being dragged to the club, where she can’t escape being a wallflower.
Suddenly, the oddly silent, yet muscle-bound and bearded bouncer, Bolo, turns her world upside down. Is it a cruel joke, or can his veritable obsession for her actually be real?
Just as she’s starting to trust the intentions of her gorgeous new admirer, something happens that will change both of their lives forever.

Author’s Note: Bolo is the epitome of ‘all-in’ regarding his passion for Suzanne, his ‘Goddess’, and his fondest desire is to sweep her away from her dull existence, to be not only his true love, but the mother of his children as well. Hot, steamy romance, passion, and a healthy dose of man-muscles and a beard to die-for will make this a favorite. I promise to give you fire, lust, and a healthy dose of HEA with NO CHEATING. – Mariska