Avery Poole

Avery Poole

A recently-minted author, Avery has had success with such series as Revisionist History and The Lascivious Element.  His titles explore subjects from mind-altering substances to time travel and free-use dystopian societies.


Repealing Equality: Educating Elizabeth Plum Book One

It’s 2042 and the country had gone back to more ‘traditional’ times. The National Realignment Act of 2037 effectively saw the repeal of equality between the sexes. Though it’s only been five years since its inception, the Female Distribution System has already decreased violent crime, general hostility and peace as more and more countries follow suit.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B019WJ74M6″]

The Gyges Experiment: The Tattooed Lady

Griffin Ellison is invisible. Well, not really. It’s just that people tend to overlook him, even though he’s on track to be the Valedictorian of his Electrical Engineering course of study at CHTC. He tends to spend his lonely hours working on his electrical projects, but he runs into a side-effect that sends his entire life and reality spiraling out of control.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B01LVVBSL7″]

Revisionist History – The Complete Series

Matthew Jacobs’ favorite Uncle, Elijah, didn’t leave him much in the way of an inheritance.  Though the Victorian mansion he loved as a child didn’t go to him, a stipulation in the will allows him to use it whenever he likes.  The one thing he did get, though, is a locked box; and a mystery.  The Revisionist History trilogy follows Matthew as he unwinds the mysteries surrounding his uncle, himself, and the mysterious caretaker, Marisela.  A thrilling erotic time-travel mystery, the series takes Matthew on a journey through different time periods, helping him to unravel the origin of not only the box, but his Uncle Elijah as well.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B01LYLB5UD”]

The Lascivious Element – The Complete Series

Connor and Geo found a stone.  It’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before, and the properties it holds are even more out of this world.  Exposure to the stone seems to have a spectacular effect on the women in their lives.  Does power corrupt?  Well, that’s subjective, but the pair are teenaged boys, after all.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B01F6ET2XA”]