Cassie Swain

Cassie Swain

Though she doesn’t have any plans to write again any time soon, she will be missed.  Cassie’s first three books are available as a collection and it was a toss-up whether to include them in our for men or our for women listings.  Generally, she works well in both categories, as her writing tends to be on the hardcore edge; while still retaining a little romantic sensibility.  By her own description, ‘I tend to write like a dude’, Cassie remains an enigma.  Her impregnation work in her ‘Professor’ set isn’t to be missed, though.  Initially blocked by Amazon, she was fortunate enough to finally get them published

She Likes ’em Older: The Cassie Swain Anthology

The Volleyball Coach

Things haven’t gone well in the past for Daniel, but the wind of change is coming. Two failed marriages and a lackluster career have made him somewhat shy around women.
Things start to change, however when his ex-wife Diana moves back to town with her eighteen-year-old daughter, Remy. As her vibrant sweetness and gorgeous good looks start erasing the line between coach and player, Daniel also must deal with his first ex, who is hinting at wanting to be back in his life.
As if that’s not enough, Daniel’s social ineptness has completely overlooked the flirtatiousness of his 22-year-old faculty mate, Riley, yet another knockout with her eyes on the bachelor coach.
What follows is a descent into a dream existence as Daniel becomes in some cases the pursuer and in other cases the pursued.
The cast of characters include:
Lisa, Daniel’s first ex-wife, a fiery Latina with enough brains and voluptuous beauty to fight for what she wants, and get it.
Diana, Daniel’s second ex-wife, a raven-haired, porcelain skinned beauty who knows how to use her looks for her own benefit, but struggles to get ahead in the world.
Remy, Diana’s eighteen-year-old daughter, a striking beauty with an innocent charm that contrasts with her own deep wants and desires.
Tristan, Remy’s first friend in her new town, who takes her under her wing, ushering her inexperienced friend into a burgeoning understanding of sexuality and feminine wiles.

The Professor and the Pageant Girl

Professor Anderson is famous for his work as a talent coach for the local beauty pageant. He strives to teach his students three things, poise, confidence and control. He chooses just one contestant a year, and has an unbroken string of winning pageant girls.

Hannah Spanger is a gorgeous college Freshman in her last year of eligibility for the local pageant. Her mother, Angie, a former pageant girl herself, will do just about anything to ensure her daughter’s success.

Claire Willoughby is Hannah’s rival, vying for the tutelage of Professor Anderson and shares Angie’s unbridled hunger for success at all costs.

Who will overcome and learn the poise and confidence required to win, and most importantly, who is really in control?

The Professor and the Teacher’s Pet

There’s one every semester. This time, Professor Vinson has chosen Sammie, the bratty, entitled coed with the bubbly personality and the freckled face he refers to as the Milky Way Smile. Thinking she has the upper hand, she learns the hard way the power of an experienced older man, unprotected as he musters the forces of dominance and control.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B01BXM8DCK”]