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AVP Publishing – Erotica for Men

AVP for Men is your source for adult literature targeted towards a primarily male audience.  Browse through our authors below to see the current titles available:


Jason A. Hutchinson

A 30 year veteran of erotica-writing, Jason is actually a newcomer to publication.  A desire to share his works with a wider audience brought him to finally publish his first book, The Erotic Adventures of the Blackmailer in 2011.  Author of the popular Kindle series The Hookup App, his works dabble in mind control, blackmail, and alpha-male dominance.

Avery Poole

A recently-minted author, Avery has had success with such series as Revisionist History and The Lascivious Element.  His titles explore subjects from mind-altering substances to time travel and free-use dystopian societies.