Just Dave

Just Dave

On the lighter side of erotica, there’s Just Dave.  His passion is exploring all the various genres of erotica there are out there, with his signature twist and lighthearted nature.  From Bimbos to Gender-Swaps, he likes to be the variety show of erotica writers with his short ‘romps’.


OMG! – Five Complete Romps in Once Action-Packed Bundle of Fun

Book One: OMG! My Neighbor’s Stop-Smoking Program Turned Her into a Cougar

Blake spends most of his days daydreaming about his hot MILF neighbor, Samantha Lacroix.
Samantha, by far his senior, has innocent good looks and the perfect body to match and she’s been the center of his attention for years. Though, the beautiful Samantha isn’t actually a MILF.
Turns out, Samantha wants to have a baby, but before she does, she needs to quit smoking. When his mother suggests his dream-girl try a self-hypnosis program, life starts changing rapidly.
Will Blake even grasp what the heck is going on? Will he even care?

Book Two: OMG! No One Said the Side Effects Might Turn Me into a Girl

Okay, so Greg and Dylan are professional football players. Their last season wasn’t so hot, so this training program was definitely in order. The handsome duo spend their days toiling to hone their craft while they spend the evenings with a string of nameless, shameless groupies.
That is, until Greg meets someone who puts him onto a doctor who has a transformative treatment program. Unfortunately, instead of increased physical performance, he finds himself the victim of a side-effect.
Mind, body, and desire, Greg slowly becomes Grace, and her brotherly love for her best friend transforms with her.

Book Three: OMG! – I Picked Up a Nymphomaniac Hitchhiker from Outer Space

Okay, so Jacob made a mistake and he’s run out of gas along Interstate 10 between Los Angeles and Phoenix. He coaxes the car back into motion, hoping to lurch into the next town on fumes without stopping. Sitting on a suitcase with her thumb out is Claire, by far the most beautiful woman he ever would have expected to see. She has a little bit of a secret, though. She’s an alien. An alien sent to earth to search for acceptable genetic material to help her dying planet. Starting right there in the dark desert night, she lets him know what she needs from him.
Unprotected sex. More than he could ever handle!
She’s studied us.
She knows what we like.
…and she’s on a mission.

Book Four: OMG! If I Fail Out of Warrior Princess School I Will Probably be Sold

So Rielle is in Warrior Princess school and is dreading her upcoming Swordsmanship final. The reason? She’s been matched with her roommate and lover, Eina, who towers above her like a giant.One will graduate and the other will likely be sold as a slave.
There’s more than one way to get around it. While Eina tries in vain to convince the board that she needs a better match, Rielle uses the knowledge she gained in her Feminine Wiles and Recognizing Social Injustices to get the votes required to be granted a new foe.
Everyone knows stories of Warrior Princesses and their trusty sidekicks, but how did it all begin and who is really who?
Will Rielle’s feminine wiles be strong enough to protect her from her apparent fate?

Book Five: OMG! The Nurses Around Here All Seem to be Turning into Bimbos

Connor is in the hospital. That sucks, but he’s surrounded by a bevy of beautiful nurses. Life is basically just an endless tease of these hot and intelligent women, but something changes. Why is Amber acting so funny?.
It turns out that the nurses all seem to be turning into bimbos and his life has never been better.
So what’s really happening to all of the nurses around him? 
Does he even care?[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B01FWVFJTS”]